Capital Market Day

Capital Market Day

All Voices International localized ABB’s corporate presentation “Capital Market Day” in Spanish, German, Parisian French and French Canadian.
We translated and adapted the script and the video graphics, matching the length of the English source, thus saving our client the cost for re-editing the video to accommodate the international versions - usually longer.
We cast the voice actors in each country and selected the voices who better conveyed a sense of trust, authoritativeness and solidity.
We recorded the voiceovers in our in-country associate studios. The client was happy to listen into the remote sessions and to give their feedback to the recording teams “live”. Our in-house producer and the local directors supervised each recording session for a pitch-perfect read, attentive to the product’s specs.

Language accuracy and authenticity are our clients' top priorities. Our goal is to make sure that the client's original message hits home and has the same impact when translated for a foreign audience and market.

Chinese Mandarin

French (Canada)

French (France)


Spanish (Spain)

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